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Meet The Team 2018


We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our friendly team. Please email a CV to or call on 01492 877159 


Role: Owner/Manager

Years at the Annan: 18

Languages: English

More about Debbie:

After over 35 years in the travel industry Debbie is no stranger to Hotels!

Debbie & Late husband (Andy) moved to Llandudno from the Midlands in 2001 leaving their travel agency business in capable hands while they embarked on a new adventure to run The Annan!

After sadly losing Andy in 2012 Debbie & daughter Charlie continue to work together to run the Hotel and provide the best service they possibly can!




Role: Owner/Manager/Breakfast Chef

Years at the Annan: 6 Full time

Languages: Welsh/English

More about Charlie

After moving to Llanduno with Debbie & Andy in 2001 Charlie settled in to a local school with younger brother Connor and got involved in the family business from a very young age.

Since Leaving school at the age of 16 and training to be a Yachtmaster & Watersports Instructor Charlie travelled to various contries around the world before returning home to finally help run the Hotel in 2010 with Debbie & Andy.

After sadly losing Andy in 2013 Charlie & Debbie have continued to work together and were joined by Charlie's brother (Connor) in 2017

Charlie lives locally with her husband (Adam) and daughter Ava-Leigh

Whilst working full time Charlie is also half way through a college course during the evenings as she is training to be a Counsellor.



Role: Maintenance/Housekeeping/Breakfast Chef

Years at The Annan: Too Many

Languages: English

More about Phil:

After several years at The Annan Phil can do just about everything.. But one thing he's partucularly good at is fixing things! Phil and Charlie take it in turns to cook the breakfast.

Phil has spent years working within the confectionary manufacturing business and currently runs his own local factory where he makes Honeycomb! We usually have this on sale in the bar and its definatley worth a try!

Phil is Manchester born and Bred and a VERY VERY big Man City Supporter!




Role: Owner/Duty Manager/Marketing

Years at the Annan: First Year full time

Languages: Welsh/English

More about Connor:

Connor is Debbie's son, Charlie's brother and Cousin to Kayleigh and Keating!

After moving to Llandudno from Birmingham with Debbe, Andy and Charlie in 2001, Connor very quickly settled into a local school and occasionally helped out with the Hotel when he needed pocket money! Like Charlie, Connor was also a very keen sailor and competed at a national level from the age of 13. 

Since leaving school Connor has gained experience working in large hotels within Llandudno but has more recently spent a year working as a care worker and worked his way up to the role of care supervisor. 

Connor has now decided to move into the Annan and work full time with Charlie & Debbie... God help us!

As he will be living on the premesis with his girlfriend (Fee) You will be sure to see him during the evenings and also in the dining room serving breakfast.

Connor has also taken on a marketing role within the Annan so be sure to subscribe to his monthly newsletters.







 Role: Breakfast Waitress 

Years at The Annan - 2

Languages: Welsh/English

More about Chloe:

Chloe is also Charlie's Sister In-Law 

She is a keen musician and enjoys playing Keyboad & Violin. 

 Chloe is currently taking a gap year after getting some incredible A-level results she is taking a well deserved rest before studying History at University.








Role: Housekeeping Assistant

Years at the Annan: 3

Languages: English

More about Janice:

After moving from manchster in 2016 Jan is our most regular housekeeper and works very hard!

She is also known to enjoy a glass (Bottle) of red occasionally!

Janice recently won the awards for Best worker and most professional at this years party evening.




Role: Kitchen Porter 

Years at The Annan: 3

Languages: Welsh/English

More About Keating:

Keatings is Kayleighs little brother, Connor & Charlie's cousin and Debbie's Nephew! He is fantastic in the kitchen and even has a go at cooking every now and then!

Keating is a football fanatic and also a keen cricket player.




Role: Breakfast Waitress / Night Duty Manager

Years at the Annan: 3

Languages: Welsh/English

More About Kayleigh:

Kayleigh is also Debbies Niece / Charlie & Connor's Cousin

After spending a gap year as a Working a Ski Season as a Nanny, Kayleigh is now studying Law full time at Manchester University so she works at the Annan mostly during the summer holidays.

Kayleigh recently won the awards for most dramatic and loudest member of staff at our recent staff party evening!





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One of the largest towns on the North Wales coastline Llandudno has been a popular holiday destination for over 150 years. Developed in the mid nineteenth century it has a rich history awaiting the visitor.