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The History of the Annan Hotel, Llandudno

The original House was completed on the Friday 24th November 1865 and was commissioned by The Right Honorable Lady Henrietta Augusta Mostyn. The house was called Trostrey (A village in mid Wales with a medieval fort and church).

In 1881 it was sold to the Reverend William Clifton Mogg Esq. a land owner of Montgomeryshire. He and his family used the house as a holiday retreat.

In 1892 it was sold to Mr Richard Bellis, a local solicitor, who lived here with his Wife Clair, 3 Children, 3 servants, and a governess. He also changed the name of the building to Annan House after the home town of his father who was From Annandale in Scotland.

It would then appear that in June 1905 that the Leek and Moorlands Building society took possession of the House. We do not know why but can only assume that the owner needed money or had debts.

Over the next few years several owners show on the deeds. On 24th August, 1907 Robert Clay passed away and left it to his brother John E Clay and Sister Marie Mason.

The house was then, for some strange reason, re purchased by the Mostyn Family who held onto it until October 1934 but show no permanent residents and we believe it may have been used to house friends of the family as a holiday home.

In October 1934 it was sold to Amos Hubert Coleman a theatrical agent of Llandudno who used the house to lodge his acts that were performing in the then many theatres in town.

During the Second World War the house was used as a logistics offices and storage of supplies.

After the war Coleman sold the house to a local family called the Stanhope’s. They owned Hotels in town and commissioned an architect J A Humphries to convert the building into a Hotel with 26 bedrooms. This work was finished in September 1945. The Stanhope’s ran the Hotel until 1976 with a large number of staff. A typical day at the hotel would start at 7am when breakfast would be prepared until 9am, then at 11am teas, lunch was at 1pm, afternoon teas at 3pm and dinner at 6pm with supper - cocoa and biscuits at 9pm. A very long day for the staff.

Years of this and heavy smoking took its toll on Mr. Stanhope and he found, after 31 years of work at the Annan, it was time to retire.

In 1976 Mr. and Mrs. Colin and June Phipps took over and together with their 3 daughters Debbie, Dawn and Tracy continued to run the hotel until 1999. Then, after 24 years, Colin and June called it a day after another long stint as the owners.

1999-2001 Colin and Jenny Andrews took over the hotel for a short time but due to ill health they were forced to sell.


The McNamara Family - Andy, Debbie, Charlie & Connor

Andy, Debbie and family moved to Llandudno from the Midlands in 2001 leaving their travel agency business in capable hands while they embarked on a new adventure to run The Annan.

In 2011 Charlie returned to the UK After working abroad as a Yacht Skipper and moved into the Annan to work full time in the Family business.

After sadly losing Andy in 2013 Debbie & daughter Charlie continue to work together to run the Hotel and provide the best service they possibly can.

In October 2017 Debbie's son & Charlie's brother (Connor) decided it was his time to work in the family business and joined the team full time.

2018 - 

In October 2018 Ian and Shelly Tate bought The Annan Hotel along with their son David. Having ran one of Llandudno's most successful guest houses for five consecutive years Ian and Shelly could not resist the lure of this beautiful property.

Thanks to Mostyn Estates for their records use.

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One of the largest towns on the North Wales coastline Llandudno has been a popular holiday destination for over 150 years. Developed in the mid nineteenth century it has a rich history awaiting the visitor.